My favorite dish that my mom makes. Whenever I go home, this is the dish I want mom to make. I’m going to show you how to prepare this easy and delicious meal.

It only uses a few ingredients:

  • Pork Chops- of course- thin cut (breakfast type)
  • One green bell pepper
  • One tomato
  • One onion
  • Beef consume – one can
  • Rive Tablespoons of Long Grain rice
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1/2 cup of flour

Recipe steps:

Place about two tablespoons of olive oil in a deep dish fry or sauté pan and have it on a medium heat. Once it has heated up add two tablespoons of butter.

Take the pork chops and dredge them through flour: put the flour on a plate, place the chop on it. Season the top of the meat with salt and pepper. Flip the meat – and season the other side. Note – This meat is raw- so wash your hands after handling it and wash down the counter surfaces.

Place the pork chops in the pan once it is HOT – and on a medium heat. It should fry about 3 minutes per side. Once one side is finished- flip the meat and do the other side. Still raw – whatever utensil you used to flip it – need to be washed.

While frying the meat – cut the onions and tomato and bell pepper length wise. Once the pork chops are finished – add just enough beef broth – or canned beef consume to bring it to the top of the meat.

Add the onion first, then the tomato – then the pepper on the chop. Turn the heat down to SIMMER.

In the broth add your rice and any left over chopped vegetables. Cover – and in about thirty minutes you will have a great dish. Trust me, my mom’s dish just may become one of your favorites too.