Prepared Foods:

Cooking fresh meals will provide you with the best way to control your nutritional intake, but prepared foods can be a great alternative to cooking or fast food when you may be pressed for time. However you have to be careful. Just because a frozen dinner may have a catchy healthy name, that does not mean it is good for you. You need to read the nutritional labels.

In researching for this section, numerous brands of frozen meals were sampled. It turns out that Weight Watchers® and Healthy Choice®, in general, have very high carbohydrate counts and are often loaded with high fat sauces. The protein content in relation to the calories, carbs and fat seemed deficient.

Lean Cuisine® offers numerous meals that adequately meet the nutritional needs of bariatric surgery patients. Keep in mind however, that the counts listed below are for 9-oz meals, which would be about two servings. The counts below are given for a usual 9-oz serving and for a weight loss surgery serving at one-half of the count.

Lean Cuisine meals are nutritionally good food for bariatric surgery patients

Café ClassicsOunces
Baked Chicken9 / 4.5230 / 11516 / 832 / 164.5 / 2.25
Beef Pot Roast9 / 4.5200 / 10012 / 625 / 12.56 / 3
Beef Portobello9 / 4.5200 / 10014 / 725 / 12.55 / 2.5
Glazed Chicken9 / 4.5230 / 11521 / 10.525 / 12.55 / 2.5
Grilled Chicken9 / 4.5160 / 8014 / 715 / 7.55 / 2.5
Oven Roasted Beef9 / 4.5210 / 10516 / 818 / 916 / 8

Another option is to visit the salad bar at your local supermarket. There are usually numerous fresh salads including chicken, tuna and seafood as well as greens, vegetables and fresh fruit. Quite often there are hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese and even grilled chicken that can be tossed onto any regular salad to get in some protein.

Of course, you can always stop at the deli counter and pick up fresh deli cold cuts like turkey, roast beef and ham that are a wonderful quick and tasty meal options for a busy person.

In additional, many markets offer fully cooked, hot, ready-to-eat roasted chickens. This would be a much better choice than fried chicken.

For the vegetarian, or any weight loss patient, the line of Boca® products, which are soy-based, are a wonderful healthy protein-filled alternative to meat based meals. One Boca® patty has 80 Calories, 13 gr of Protein, 8 gr of Carbs and 0 grams of fat. Adding these to any diet would be beneficial.

The above information gives you ideas to help you make better, healthier, food choices. Changing past poor diet choices and habits, like resorting to a fast food cheeseburger and fries, is one of the most important and effective changes that you can make to get you to your goal.