The LAP-BAND is adjustable. If it is too loose you will be able to eat larger meals, be searching for food, and not have adequate weight loss. If the Lap-band is too tight you might not be able to tolerate solid food, like meat, and find yourself eating soft, mushy foods — like mashed potatoes, soups, or other high calorie items.
Our program can result in a perfectly adjusted Lap-band.

Win a FREE Lap-band fill!

At LEAST once a month we have a drawing for a free fill (for those of you who do not have insurance that pays for fills). To be eligible for the drawing patients must participate in Dr. Simpson’s on-line support at Google plus. Fills are also given away at most of Dr. Simpson’s special events. Sometimes Lap-band fills are not covered by insurance programs. So when Dr. Simpson gives them away, it is a considerable gift.

Other Ways for you to get a free Lap-band weight loss surgery fill

  • Reduce your BMI (Body Mass Index) to 24 or lower.
  • Submit a video recording of significant events in your weight loss journey.
  • Submit before and after photos of your journey.   ATTENTION NEW PATIENTS…this requires that you take photos before or immediately after you have surgery.

Why does Dr. Simpson give away FREE Lap-band fills?

…so you receive the support you need to succeed with weight loss.  When you have surgery by Dr. Simpson you get support for the rest of your life.  He gives away fills as an incentive to make certain you attend support group meetings.  This Surgery will work for you.  But if you have psychological dependence on food, you need support.   Any solution can be defeated if you don’t learn how to recognize and neutralize triggers that cause you to eat other than hunger.  Eating the wrong foods limits weight loss and can damage your health.  We have Nutrition Classes and our Nutritionist attends most support meetings.

Dr. Terry Simpson offers great support for your Lap-band surgery

…even if you had surgery elsewhere.  Lots of people relocate and lose contact with their original surgeon.  In that case when you need a fill you have to find a new doctor.  More importantly you need to find a new support system.  Even if you had your surgery elsewhere, for a one time enrollment foe, you get some of the best support programs available anywhere.  For a lifetime, you get access to our nutritionist, nutrition classes, support programs and really fun special events.

A perfectly tuned Lap-band makes your life even more beautiful!

The ability to adjust the Lap-band to tune your digestive system is what makes this surgery a better weight loss solution.   Taking the time to do it right makes living with this surgery much easier than other weight loss surgeries.  There is a balance that can be maintained where your food is gently restricted and passes through your system without discomfort.  A natural rhythm of restriction and digestion is obtained causing your system to function much like a person who never had weight control issues.  Food is still fun but the ability to overeat is comfortably limited.  A properly adjusted Lap-band is the key to your success.

Doctor Simpson’s experience makes the difference

…when it comes to adjusting your Lap-band and balancing your system.  But as important as his experience is his decision to stay connected with patients.  It is Dr. Simpson that typically leads support group meetings.  He personally meets with patients at support groups.  At those meetings you will frequently hear a patient tell the doctor about  how they feel and the doctor will arrange for them to come in for a fill.   You don’t have to pay him for an office visit.  You can communicate with him anytime at support groups or you can contact him directly via email and frequently by phone.  You get free consultations from an experienced Lap-band doctor.