If you are having problems with your Lap-Band, food getting stuck, having trouble breathing, or are vomiting… or experiencing discomfort or problematic systems,  you should contact our office immediately.

Be sure to read about Lap-Band Complications to see if we have published a solution to your symptoms.

When to Call Your Lap-band Surgeon

Call your weight loss surgeon when any of following the happens:

  • Pus comes out of the wound
  • The wound becomes progressively more red
  • Red streaking from the wound
  • The wound becomes unusually tender
  • Your temperature is greater than 101
  • You have yellow or green FOUL smelling drainage

Go to a doctor, emergency room or hospital immediately if any of the above happens and your Lap-band surgeon is not available!

Some clear yellow drainage is normal from your wound.  This liquid is generally liquefied fat cells that were destroyed when we made our grand entrance into your body.

In a life threatening situation, do not hesitate, and call 911.


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