Lap-band surgery adjustments… to fill or unfill that is the question

Well, that question and many others are answered in this video by weight loss Doctor Terry Simpson.  How long do you remain satisfied or full after you eat?  Do you understand the importance of setting your portions?  Do you always eat everything on your plate… should you?  Soft foods are easy to eat and are easy calories too. What happens if your Lap-band is too tight?

  1. Note: This video has instructions about drinking with meals that are outdated. Now you can drink small swallows of non carbonated fluids while eating. Drinking this way will moisten food and may help to avoid it sticking in your Lap-band.

Video Transcript:

You know one of the things Lap-band surgery patients discover is that as they go along they think that they need a fill or an adjustment, or an unfill. So I want to talk to you about what goes into the decision about whether you need a fill, or sometimes, an unfill. When we look at Lap-band surgery and the adjustability of it, which is the greatest features of it, is that one size doesn’t fit all. We can adjust it to your needs. So let’s talk about the things that we think about when we want to do an adjustment. The first thing is how long is food lasting. It has to be solid food. It has to be a certain amount of solid food. Now, if you’re eating until you feel satisfied or full, you’re not going to lose enough weight. What we want you to do instead is eat a portion. When we tell you the portion to eat, we don’t mean that’s were you should start. We mean this is the most food you should have. The other thing to remember is, you should always, always leave something on your plate. We’re not clean plate club members at all anymore. Now it’s time to leave something.

So if you find that you are getting hungry too soon or you’re starting to search for food, then do this little experiment:

  1. Look at the things you’ve been eating. If they have been too soft and not sticking with you, that might be the answer.
  2. NOTE: the following part of the video has recently been proven to be incorrect:
    1. Look at when you’re drinking fluids. You should drink water or whatever fluids right up until the time you eat and then stop. Eat your meal and wait for at least an hour and a half to two hours. If you drink fluid any sooner than that what you’ll find is that you’ll flush the food out of the upper pouch and you’ll get hungry too soon. So think critically about when you’re drinking your liquids. Believe me, you’ll get plenty of liquids in if you drink appropriately.
    2. Correction:
    3. Recently it has been proven that taking small sips of fluids during and right after a meal actually helps Lap-band surgery work. Because food can’t be flushed through the device, it never sticks there in the first place. This is because it has been proven that this weight loss surgery is not restrictive. Lap-band surgery functions by making the nerves at the top of the stomach more sensitive. Those nerves send signals to your brain telling it how much you have eaten. When those nerves are sensitized by the Lap-band, it makes the brain think you’ve eaten much more than you actually have. Food is never held at the top of the stomach (unless the device is too tight). It just passes right through.
  3. The other problem that some weight loss surgery patients get into is their Lap-band is too tight. They think that because it’s tight they should lose weight. Well, just the opposite is true. When the Lap-band is too tight what happens is you can’t tolerate meats very well. You can’t tolerate vegetables very well. What are the things that you can tolerate when a Lap-band is too tight? Salads with salad dressing and that’s filled with oil and fat. You can tolerate all the crackers you want. You can tolerate all the chips you want. You can tolerate all the drinks you want. But none of that is solid and none of that is satisfying. But you like the feeling that your Lap-band is tight. But that’s not the feeling that we want you to have. So sometimes when you are on a plateau and you can’t lose weight, it’s because your Lap-band is too tight. In that case the best thing we can do is just take a little bit of fluid out of your Lap-band so that you can take solid food comfortably. The goal of this is that it is set so you can eat a small amount of food and it lasts you a long time. How you determine if you need a fill is just that. Never let your appetite determine how much you eat. Always let the portion size do it and you’ll be a successful weight loss surgery patient and get to goal.