Why will you succeed with weight loss surgery?

Weight loss surgery success is directly linked to support. On our initial page about fighting obesity we have a pyramid with “Diet” listed at the top then “Exercise” and at the bottom supporting everything is “Support Groups” (link is below). Weight loss surgery support groups are most important for obese people trying to change course. It truly is the base of success for those that have never been able to control their obesity. Studies show a correlation that the longer a bariatric patient participates in a weight loss surgery support group, the greater success they see. If you have never succeeded with a diet, what can you do on your own to make your results any different?

Weight Loss Success

Weight loss help…everything counts

Direct support for your goals using weight loss surgery is important but we feel it is also important to help you in other areas of your life. Emotional well-being is an important factor in losing the pounds. Life can be hectic and cruel at times just as it can be joyous and wonderful. We believe that all of these things can play a role in your ability to effectively use weight loss surgery. We all have our ups and downs. We are here to help each other through all of it. We are determined to help each other stay on track. If you lose motivation, other group members will help you get back to where you are supposed to be. Further, we help each other identify the causes for getting off track in the first place. We help you identify your issues that trigger your compulsions to eat.

Do you want to understand?

Many people struggle with food addiction. It can take away self-esteem and self-control. Compulsive overeating is a process by which people start to eat and have no control over their eating once they start. Many people become “grazers”…they eat continuously. Frequently this behavior starts early in life, in childhood. Abuse from peer groups and family can fuel low self-esteem that creates the cycle of addiction. Food becomes the catharsis that soothes low self-esteem…becoming more and more overweight lowers self esteem. Understanding addiction becomes more complex when other abuses not connected with being overweight work in conjunction with that circumstance. Frequently the combination of abuses creates a situation where an individual may not be able to understand the driving forces causing them to be overweight. These individuals need more help than can be offered by typical groups and organizations. Their issues are too large and multifaceted to be resolved by “Jenny Craig” or any such organization. This type of person requires a larger power in understanding their compulsion to overeat. Dr. Simpson is a successful and experienced professional who has dedicated himself to resolving issues for people who are addicted to food.

Clear the air about weight loss surgery

Doctor Terry Simpson has isolated the factors that cause a person to have issues with overeating. He has simplified each factor so it is possible that people can begin to understand them more easily. Those who have physiological and psychological reasons for being overweight frequently can’t understand their condition…they can’t see the forest for the trees. In order for them to see and then understand the entire set of conditions and circumstances driving their situation, all of the elements must be simplified as much as they can be so the window of understanding can begin to open. This is not an easy process that can be taken on tritely by a commercial organization. Doctor Terry Simpson has isolated the principles of diet that people should use for healthy weight loss as is evidenced by his books. Eliminating the enormous haze of disinformation about diet allows you to think more clearly about other factors that may cause you to be overweight that can be addressed by support. Dr. Simpson’s diet programs are designed with years of research. They clear the air enabling you to understand successful, healthy and safe diet quickly and easily so you can focus on the real causes for being overweight.

What makes our weight loss surgery support better?

Doctor Terry Simpson is a renowned concerned weight loss surgeon that has dedicated a good portion of his life developing advanced diet and support programs that are refined yet fun and delivered to you in the simplest, easiest to understand terms. You can directly contact Dr. Simpson at any time. Dr. Simpson carries a smart phone that signals him the moment your email arrives…If he is not sleeping or in the operating room, he will respond to you immediately. You can have your answers immediately! Try and find another accomplished weight loss surgeon that cares this much and will do this much for you.