In this section we consider reasons to have bariatric surgery other than good health.  We look at the uncomfortable yet real issues about how being overweight can affect your life and how much it costs you andyour family financially. While reading this section keep this question in mind, Is the price of Weight Loss Surgery small compared to the costs of a lifetime of being overweight?

What is the cost of a lifetime of weight loss scams?

Answer: MANY times the cost of a solution that works. Have you ever considered how much you spend trying to lose weight?  Seriously, think about how much you spend in a year in your efforts to lose weight.  Weight loss programs and specialty meals can cost a lot of money.  How many do you want to waste your money on before realizing you must take the next step?  Most people waste many times the cost of Lap-band surgery using weight loss programs that don’t work.  Quite Simply, you can save money by purchasing the solution that will work.

What is the cost of a lifetime of the finest weight loss support?

Answer:  the one time purchase of Lap-band Surgery from Dr. Simpson.  A life time of support is included with your surgery.  Think about that!  You can have support from the organization that writes the books used in support groups worldwide…for the rest of your life.  Access to the source of the latest weight loss science typically costs much less than 3 or 4 years of commercial programs that have proven not to work for you.  Remember the Lap-band is a weight loss tool that used with the proper support will result in profound weight loss for most people.  It is adjusted to your system and it does not require surgical modifications to your stomach or intestines.  It can be removed leaving your system the way God made it.  Combine the Lap-band with Dr. Simpson’s support and you can become the healthy slender person you have always wanted to be…and over a lifetime you can save money.  You can pay for a quality procedure once and have the highest level of support for the rest of your life.

Will Weight Loss Surgery cause you to have more money…

…over your life time?  Studies show that it will.  There is a very big possibility as a thinner person you will become much more capable of producing a larger income.  Why is that?  One reason is a reality most of us do not want to accept.,  You are judged by many things in life and unfortunately your appearance is one of them.  First impressions never tell a person’s true qualities, but an unavoidable reality is that most people are highly affected by them.  When you go for a job interview do you feel that being overweight works in your favor?

Are you losing money by remaining overweight?

Does being overweight affect your performance? You can answer that question better than anyone else.  When you were younger was it easier for you to get out of your chair to do something?  Obviously the easier it is for you to move the more motion will occur.  Everyone has worked with people that are in constant motion (they can be a real pain).  They are usually thin and active people that can get things done.   If you could get out of your chair and do more things, would that improve your ability to compete?  Are employers expecting more out of people?  Are you as willing to get out of your chair as often as that thinner healthier person?  Have you ever wondered if a job promotion went to someone else because of your weight?

Being severely overweight affects your health and you pay for it

Not only do you pay for it; if you have children they pay for it too.  Money you put into medical care, worthless weight loss programs and products could go into education funds.  Losing your ability to compete in the workplace lowers your disposable income affecting the future and quality of life for your family.  As you get older your ability to get health insurance will diminish because of being overweight and associated illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes.  Your family may be forced to carry you financially at a much earlier age than if you were a thin healthy person.

You can improve and extend your child’s life

Overweight children can have a hard time being accepted into their peer groups.  Sometimes they are never accepted; they are outsiders all their life.  Because of this they may be predisposed to a lifetime of failure because they never develop socially and learn to positively interact with people.  Social rejection is one of the most damaging things a person can experience.  Health conditions associated with being overweight begin in childhood and have a cumulative effect over a lifetime.  You can save your child from paying the price of being overweight in medical costs and in worthless weight loss programs and products. You can save your child the monetary and social costs of a lifetime of being severely overweight.   The sooner their weight problem is overcome, the better their quality of life will be.  Consider the value of a lifetime of Dr. Simpson’s support to your child.

Proof that we are your better weight loss solution

Nothing compares with the value in the quality of support and care you receive from Dr. Simpson and his organization.  How can this be proven?  Read his books.  It’s just that simple.  No other doctor has produced information about bariatric surgery and tools for permanent weight reduction that are as good as those produced by Dr. Terry Simpson and his organization.  Proof about any subject is best demonstrated by the quantity and quality in writing made available about it.  Before making an investment in Weight Loss Surgery, read Dr. Simpson’s writings and know how good we are.  Rarely in life can you know in advance what you are doing and make your safest investment.


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