New York Jets coach Rex Ryan before and after lap-band surgeryRex Ryan had Lap-band surgery in March of 2010. As of this writing, he lost over 100 pounds–proving again what a fabulous tool for weight loss Lap-band surgery can be. Rex weighed in at 348 pounds and had a 48 inch waist before lap-band surgery. In July of 2012, he weighed only 242 pounds and his waist was only 38 inches. Rex has been praising the Lap-band as the right way to go if you are serious about losing weight. Why did he do it? Eye on Football (July 19, 2012) said it was because Joe Namath, renowned former quarterback for the New York Jets, poked fun at Rex’s weight. That hurt Rex but it turned out to be the call to action he needed to start the process of becoming thin again. That’s how it happens–an insult, a rejection or maybe your children are ashamed of you. An event occurs that makes you realize it’s time to take control and lose the weight. Rex also realized how badly he wants to see his children and grandchildren grow. He knows obesity will ruin his heath and shorten his life and he decided to do something about it. Rex looks like a different person now and you can too if you need to lose hundreds of pounds or only 50.

Physician’s family gets Lap-band surgery

Dr. Frank Scafuri has been overweight all of his life. Like most people, he tried using diets to lose weight all of his life too. A couple of years ago the doctor weighed over 360 lbs. and that is where he drew the line. He didn’t want to live being that overweight anymore. He was an overweight doctor who frequently told his patients that they had to lose weight. He was tired of the pain in his ankles and being a hypocrite to his patients.

Obesity was in Dr. Scafuri’s family genetics. His sister Jennifer was also overweight throughout her life. She also works in the field of medicine as a nurse practitioner. She weighed 300 lbs. Frank’s wife and younger Dr. Frank Scafuri and his wife – before and after Lap-band Surgerybrother were also heavyweights.

Frank was first to have Lap-band surgery after every attempt he made at dieting failed. After two years with the Lap-band, he lost 135 pounds. Then Jennifer seeing his success had the procedure too – and then Frank’s brother and wife had Lap-band surgery too. Jenifer was reported as having lost 70 pounds at the outset. Oh yes, their mom will be having the procedure too.

They said that the key to their success was family support. We want to correct that and say that the key to success with Lap-band surgery is professional support. The kind of support you can get free from Dr. Terry Simpson’s group when he is your surgical provider. Lap-band surgery is a long run (lifetime) game that can only be won using a winning support group. Have no doubt.  Success with Lap-band surgery is dependent upon the combination of the quality of your surgeon and the quality of their support group. Dr. Terry Simpson is one of the most experienced Lap-band surgeons and his support group is the best available.

Jennifer commented that they come from a big Italian family and indicated they eat a lot. Italian food typically contains pasta that is high on the glycemic scale. Frank’s family may have been able to lose the weight without surgery by eating more protein and low glycemic carbs. There are many good glycemic index reference books available and they are your best guidance to successful dieting. Dr. Terry Simpson’s Lap-band surgery support groups teach you to eat low glycemic carbs with pleasure.  Dr. Simpson is a gourmet cook too.

Dr. Frank Scafuri not only lost a lot of weight–he also lost his high blood pressure and diabetes. You can frequently reverse these ailments simply by losing weight. That’s been the case for many of our patients that were suffering from these diseases before having Lap-band surgery.