One in five pregnant women are obese – according to Yahoo News. Obese pregnant woman face numerous health risks including gestational diabetes. This form of diabetes during pregnancy may cause an abnormally large fetus which in turn can cause problems at delivery. Obese women have an increased rate of caesarean-sections. If not treated during pregnancy, gestational diabetes may develop into Type 2 or even Type 1 diabetes. Pregnant obese women may also develop preeclampsia a condition that includes high blood pressure and potential damage to vascularity, kidneys and liver. So avoiding obesity during pregnancy is a very good idea.

Lap-band surgery is the perfect weight loss surgery for obese women who want babies. The procedure can help you get fertile because your ability to get pregnant is greatly increased if you are thinner. Simply put, Lap-band surgery is a proven method to lose weight and gain fertility if diet and exercise fail.

The Lap-band can be adjusted for pregnant women to be able to get more nutrition after conception. This is what makes it the perfect procedure for pregnant women. The device puts a constriction around the top of the stomach that causes nerve signals to be amplified to the brain saying you are full. After a woman becomes pregnant, the device can be loosened allowing her to eat as she did before the procedure. This lets a woman get complete nutrition from food throughout the entire term of her pregnancy. After pregnancy, the Lap-band can be re-tightened and normal weight loss caused by the tool immediately resumes. All other weight loss surgeries cannot be adjusted this way.

With all other restrictive. and especially bypass, weight loss surgeries, pregnant woman may need to take large amounts of vitamin supplements to deliver full nutrition to the developing fetus. Gastric bypass surgery patients may require continuous vitamin supplementation even when they are not pregnant. It’s easy to see why the Lap-band is the weight loss surgery for pregnancy – it’s a three step process. The tightened Lap-band causes weight loss and increases fertility. When pregnancy occurs, the device is loosened allowing the prospective mother to eat more for the baby’s nutritional well being. After the baby is delivered, the device is re-tightened and the new mother resumes her weight loss so she can easily regain her figure (until the next pregnancy).

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