Low prices for Lap-band surgery are being offered because of the bad economy

The United States is going through a terrible economic downturn that appears may take some time to recover from. Because of that many Lap-band providers are offering what often appears to be fantastic discounts. We at Southwest Weight Loss have realized that we must lower our prices as much as possible to accommodate our patients through these trying economic times. In this article we want to make a statement about the cost of our services relative to some of the so-called fantastic deals being offered elsewhere.

A deal on Lap-band surgery is not a deal if required tests are omitted from the price

You get a low price only to find out later that necessary tests aren’t being included in the price. So you must pay for those tests after you pay for Lap-band surgery. We’ve all had this kind of misrepresentation happen to us and it tends to make people really mad because it is truly underhanded. People offering such deals are relying on you not having enough time in life to go through the shopping process again. Most people don’t have enough time in their lives so they just go ahead and pay the extra costs and hope this underhanded tactic isn’t an indication of the overall quality of the Lap-band surgery provider.

The cost of Lap-band fills can really raise the true cost of surgery

Lap-band adjustment, adding or removing saline solution is a big part of living with the band. For most of our programs we do fills for $150. Please rest assured that Dr. Simpson is most capable at getting your band adjusted correctly with the minimal amount of fills. But the cost of fills is a major consideration when looking at overall price. A patient may have to have up to six (6) fills over the first year’s time after surgery. All of our surgical packages have free fills included over a set period of time. One of our competitors charges $375 each for the first two fills after surgery, then $265 for each fill thereafter. Add that up and the total cost of six fills is $1,810. Contrast that most of Doctor Simpson’s fills will be free or $150 each after the free fill time period is over. $1810 is a very large additional cost that isn’t considered in the total price of surgery when these people offer their low-ball price. That’s an additional cost that you must pay after the fact when it’s not included in the price of surgery. One that you don’t pay with us because it’s included in our surgical package which includes all or most of the costs of the surgery.

Example add on costs in low-ball Lap-band surgery deals:

$3,500   – cost of tests (their cost, not ours, a hidden cost they don’t tell you about)

$1,810   – cost of 6 fills (given that 6 fills are needed on average, another hidden cost)

$5,310 – total additional costs (these costs are included upfront in our price)

Our lowest cost for surgery is thousands less because we have no hidden charges.

Note: This example only considers fills over the first year.  Our lower cost for fills can save you thousands more over the years to come.

Most importantly we tell you the ENTIRE cost of our surgery upfront…

…in our advertisements and when you come into our office for a seminar or consultation. We don’t hide anything from you EVER. We don’t want to trick you into walking in our door and into a deal that is not what it appears to be. We believe in total honesty between patients and medical providers…period…no scams.

We can’t always offer the lowest price – but can always promise the best care and support

We think price wars are ridiculous when it comes to health care. Somewhere in the quotient the capability of the doctor and his staff should be considered. Don’t you want a good doctor with a lot of experience in his field? Doctor Simpson is one of the first surgeons in the United States to do Lap-band surgery. He is a proctor for Allergan, the original manufacturer of the band. That means he is the trainer of surgeons for the Allergan Lap-band in the Phoenix Arizona Valley. He’s done more Lap-band surgeries than any doctor in the Southwest.

Doctor Simpson is available at support meetings for FREE! That’s because he typically does all support meetings himself (unless he’s out of town). He’s an original.  No doctors have done their own support meetings as long as Terry Simpson has. This enables him to learn from his patients first hand resulting in the most advanced support systems there are.

Advanced Lap-band surgery support systems is what we are all about. Dr. Simpson takes all the knowledge he gains from constant contact with his patients and creates exclusive tools designed just for Lap-band surgery patients. His books and workbooks are guides he developed just for his patients to tell them exactly how to manage their band.  Nothing is more comprehensive yet easy to understand and use.

The real advantage with us is your access to the doctor. Instead of paying for an office visit to ask questions of the doctor, you can ask them for free at support meetings. This is yet another wonderful advantage you get from Dr. Simpson for free that you must pay for at many other practices. If you reduce our cost of surgery by the amount of numerous office charges you must pay for at other practices you can see that our TOTAL cost for surgery is the lowest.

Those other doctors offering low-ball prices are good doctors too…

…we just don’t agree with this tactic.  It’s misleading and to be honest we don’t want to lose business over it. It’s not fair to us and it’s especially not fair to patients. We are in business to serve our patients, and we want to make money too. But, we are particularly good at being a Lap-band surgery provider. Our group does way more than other organizations to earn your money and the right to be your Lap-band surgery provider. We don’t want you to lose your opportunity to be one of our patients because someone is not telling you the complete story.

When getting a price for Lap-band surgery there are three simple questions you should ask

  1. Does this price include the cost of tests (and what are those costs)?

  2. Do I get free fills (and how long do I get them)?

  3. How much are fills when I do have to pay for them?

Remember – the true cost of surgery is the TOTAL cost over time and you should consider the quality, education and experience of a surgical provider’s doctors and staff. When we say experience we mean you should ask them just how many surgeries the doctor who is going to do your surgery has done.