Dr. Terry Simpson performed the first Single Incision Lap-band Surgery in Arizona

Dr. Simpson was able to perform the procedure through a single skin incision located just below the left ribs.  By doing so, Dr. Simpson was able to use a single incision, instead of the typical four or five incisions used for the procedure. This is the latest revolution in minimally invasive weight loss procedures.  The SILS procedure that Dr. Simpson is undertaking demonstrates that fewer incisions are possible and represent a great step toward the ultimate goal of a less invasive operation.

Single Port Operations require advanced surgical instruments

“The Covidien SILS surgical equipment and optics are amazing,” Dr. Simpson noted, “Covidien has come out with instruments that allow this minimally invasive procedure. But being able to see, using high definition monitors also made this possible.”

Dr. Terry Simpson is a leading Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgeon

“Dr. Simpson has been at the forefront of advanced laparoscopic operations since he arrived in Phoenix Arizona in 1991,” noted Jamie Feltman, a certified first assistant.  He has taught countless other surgeons advanced technique when he came, and has developed a number of surgical instruments for these procedures.  That he did one procedure in 19 minutes, and another in 22 minutes — is a testament to his skill and experience as an advanced laparoscopic surgeon.”

SILS – a major advancement in minimally invasive bariatric procedures

SILS represents the next major advancement in minimally invasive procedures as did the advent of laparoscopy back in the late 1980’s.  Laparoscopic procedures performed through a single incision are a significant progression in the world of bariatric procedures. While laparoscopy traditionally offers better patient outcomes than the open approach, including less pain and fewer scars, SILS dramatically extends these benefits.