Does the idea of weight loss surgery scare you?

It scares almost everyone. Surgical risks have been drastically reduced with the advent of modern surgeries.  Getting an operation can make you feel as though you have lost control despite the fact you will be in the hands of one of the best of surgeons.  If you are severely overweight and have been so for a period of years, you have had no control over your long-term health and appearance.  The risks of remaining overweight are greater than that of getting the procedure.  It is time for you to gain control.

We do more Lap-band Surgeries than anyone else in this region

Our hospitals are specialized for bariatric surgeries and are the most advanced available.  We are experienced surgeons that care about our patients.  Our goal is to continuously improve and supply the highest medical and surgical science to our patients.  Have confidence that our experience delivers the safer results you need to obtain a better life.

You can have weight loss surgery if you are as little as 50 pounds overweight

The Lap-band gives you results without many of the risks of outdated surgical methods.  It used to be your BMI had to be over 35 or you had to be 100 pounds overweight to be eligible.  Now you qualify with a BMI of 30 or 50 pounds overweight.

BMI Calculator

The Lap-band ends your constant hunger with limited risk

Formally, doctors would only prescribe a bariatric operation for seriously overweight people because of drastic modifications to your digestive system.  Now there is NO modification to your system other than the addition of the device.  This is a soft supple device that gently holds food in the satiety center at the top of your stomach.  It satisfies your appetite with less food.  You are just not hungry anymore.

You can have a bariatric procedure because you want to look good

Now your doctor can prescribe the Lap-band if you are as little as 50 pounds overweight. Now your appearance can be just as important as your health.  But always remember, weight loss surgery is a journey that requires you to make some lifestyle changes.  You will be satisfied eating less food, but eating less food requires you eat more nourishing food.  If you want to have a “tight” body or completely reverse cardiovascular damage, skeletal damage or diabetes, you may need to exercise.

Do you want to stop using fad diets and actually lose weight?

If you have been overweight for years, studies show that you have a one in one hundred chance of losing weight using any kind of diet. The experts say that diet and exercise alone typically will not work. The Lap-band is the ultimate tool for you to lose weight and keep it off. Not a fad diet or gimmick, but an investment in your appearance and health.  It will take you off the “Diet Rollercoaster” and allow you to begin the journey of permanent weight reduction.  So if you are tired of cycles of losing weight only to gain it back again (and more) and don’t want to be hungry all the time, a bariatric procedure can be your solution…because it is safer now. This may be the best investment you will ever make in your life…lose weight, live better and longer.

You do not have to be extremely overweight to be eligible

You can use a bariatric procedure to permanently keep off those last 50 pounds that for most people are impossible to lose.  As we get older, keeping that weight off becomes harder.  If you have been a shapely person all your life and do not want to deal with more diet and exercise to stay that way…a bariatric procedure can be your solution too.