Weight Loss Success Doesn’t End in the Operating Room

Weight Loss Events Designed to Support Patients & Others

You don’t need to have weight loss surgery to get diet and health support from Dr. Terry Simpson.Now everyone is invited to our Weight Loss Support Festival.

The primary goal of this event is to provide support to our weight loss surgery patients. We have found that what makes our patients stay trim and fit works for everyone. So why not make the party bigger and more interesting? That’s what we are doing. We are inviting everybody who needs help losing weight to come to the party and get it from one of the world’s most experienced weight loss experts. Dr. Terry Simpson has written the books used in weight loss support groups worldwide and he is taking his time out to show you and anyone else who wants to learn exactly how to lose weight. You may have tried many of the fad diets around and found them not to work, and to be unhealthy, and most of all boring. Well, that can be over for you and your family and friends. You’re invited! We are going to show you how to lose weight in the most simplest terms. We are also going to show you how to cut the calories from your diet while eating the most exciting food ever. Get guided into the healthiest state of being ever by America’s most interesting and humorous weight loss doctor…and it’s all for FREE!

What ends diets quicker than anything? – boring food

You know, you can only eat Weight Watchers so long before you realize…



Sous Vide circulator used for cooking soft food for Gastric Sleeve and Lap-band weight loss surgery patients

This year we are making some remarkable changes in our practice. The first being a new way to deliver our support to you. Here is what is new: Three or four major events this year – to celebrate the journey you are all taking, and to give some updates as to what we know about weight loss, as well as a cooking demonstration and some tips. The first one will be at Phoenix Country Club on Saturday, February 2nd at 10:30 am. No more monthly meetings.

In addition- several times during the year we will have some conference calls. You can call into the conference call from wherever you are and listen and, hopefully, participate. Stay tuned- we are excited by this possibility. More will be announced at the February event.

One of our featured Chefs, Dolce Debbie

One of our featured Chefs, Dolce Debbie

Cooking – what should you do? We constantly quiz patients who are successful to find out what they do and what they don’t do. One thing is a constant: healthy patients, those that lose their weight and keep it off- COOK. Our goal is to help you get healthy. We will work with you to get recipes and menu plans that will work for you while understanding that some of you have limited resources and budget. So learning to cook will be a key to long term success. Learn more at ourĀ upcoming events!

…this stuff tastes like cardboard. Quit fooling yourself. It’s horrible and it’s that bad taste of packaged diet food that ends your diet. You end up folding in lust for your old “fat foods” – maybe your fast food favorites. We hear this reason for ending diets more than any other. Diets are boring. The food stinks and we enjoy eating – don’t we? The pleasure of eating tasty food is what is at issue most the time in sustaining a healthy diet. But, we are telling you that the pleasure demon can be satisfied by low calorie healthy food. We know. You’ve heard it before. Every time, in fact, when you start a new diet. Oh it’s the best tasting food in the world. You could never get tired of this – right? But, then you do get tired of it. Because it’s all made by the same group of people in a company. They stick to their formula and after a while you realize all their foods have the same characteristics embellished only by minor variations for this dish or that. You try to believe. You hold on to the dream for as long as you can. But then you find yourself in that compromising circumstance. Maybe when you are out with friends. You go to a place that serves the sin that got you fat in the first place – your favorite food, a greasy double cheeseburger, pizza or maybe ice cream. The exact temptation that you can’t take after months of eating that ridiculous cardboard diet food- and you fold. Because diet food tastes really bad, right? You love to eat delicious food and it’s not fair that you can’t have what brings you pleasure….right? Well, guess what? That is right. Not eating food you enjoy is wrong and you should never, never do it. When we say you don’t have to eat tasteless boring foods on a diet, we mean it and are going to prove it beyond any doubts you might have. We are going to throw down and prove it to you time and time again in our support festivals that you always have a free invite to attend.

We are talking about diversity in cooking styles and methods. Not just one mind, not just one chef, but recipes from a multitude of world renowned culinary masters. In addition to studying (and creating) the most advanced medical science and practice for his patients, Dr. Simpson has devoted years of his time in researching and mastering old and new styles of cooking delicious low calorie foods based on methods from all around the world.

In reality, unless a recipe uses thick cream or processed bread, most high quality what you might call “gourmet” food is also naturally low in calories or can be made to be so without any compromise in taste. The doctor is willing to prove it to you in these free support festivals. You can learn endless ways of cooking new recipes and new foods…for free. You don’t ever have to be stuck on a diet eating horrible tasteless food again. Let the doctor show you. You are invited to our Weight Loss Fest. Be there and learn how to eat!

Future Events will be Scheduled Soon