Considering Weight Loss Surgery?

Arizona weight loss dr terry simpson arizonasurgeon, Dr. Terry Simpson, performs three types of bariatric (weight loss) surgery: Gastric Sleeve,  the Lap-band and the iLap – a band with a plication. Dr. Simpson is Arizona’s most experienced weight loss surgeon, having operated on hundreds of weight loss surgery patients, and helping them live healthier lives.

The most popular weight loss surgery performed by Dr. Simpson is the Lap-Band. The Lap-band is one of the safest weight loss surgeries available today. While no procedure is without risk, the Lap-band does not surgically alter your digestive system and is among the least invasive methods. The Lap-band (and Gastric Sleeve) are among the most modern bariatric surgeries available.

Dr. Simpson offers you the most comprehensive weight loss surgery support, before surgery and after weight loss surgery.

True Results Patients Can Count on Dr. Simpson

True Results was my competitor in the Phoenix area for years.  Now that they have closed their doors, I want to welcome weight loss surgery patients who have had weight loss procedures done at the True Results facility.  Whether you need follow up, adjustments, support, or want to go from lap-band to gastric sleeve, our Scottsdale practice is happy to welcome you. LEARN MORE…

Dr. Simpson Explains Gastric Sleeve

The Gastric Sleeve is one half of a Duodenal Switch operation. The only difference is that a Duodenal Switch includes a bypass. Gastric Sleeve surgery is purely restrictive (no bypass). A large portion of the stomach is removed resulting in up to a 90 percent reduction in its capacity. What makes this procedure the best of the non-reversible surgeries is that the lower portion of the stomach is not removed (as it is with RNY bypass). Leaving the lower stomach in tact allows for full natural digestion – minimizing side effects. Gastric Sleeve surgery is covered by most insurance companies. Combining past experience with Duodenal Switch and experience with Gastric Sleeve, results in our weight loss surgeon having many years more experience with Gastric Sleeve surgery than most bariatric doctors. LEARN ABOUT GASTRIC SLEEVE SURGERY…

Why Dr. Simpson for Weight Loss Surgery (WLS)?

Diet, exercise, and medical weight loss programs often fail because your body has a genetic set-point for you to be overweight. You may be a person that can’t lose the pounds despite serious lifelong attempts using diet and exercise.

We Deliver LIFETIME Support

Our support groups not only help patients to lose weight and keep it off, patients regain their health. Support is the critical difference between Doctor Simpson and weight loss franchises that are quick to sell you weigh loss procedures without after care. Support is the key to success.

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